UMU Bespoke Furniture is a full-service, custom indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturer that creates and builds premium custom pieces for individual clients, interior designers, and commercial properties. Our work is found in private residences, businesses, restaurants, and luxury hotels both inside and on the deck. We care deeply about our supply chain. We work hard to source the highest quality sustainable materials which only makes our finished products better.


We believe in the power of bespoke design to elevate any space. Every piece we create is precision-built from scratch for a specific space, a unique individual, and a distinct brand. Instead of settling for an off-the-shelf product, we provide you the freedom to create furnishings purpose-built to achieve your one-of-a-kind vision where each detail meets your personal preferences.

PHIL Opticians

Phil Opticians provides all types of lenses, according to the recommendations of a qualified doctor. They stock a range of modern designer frames in both plastic and metal whilst lenses are offered in both plastic and glass. Phil Opticians is the authorised dealer in Zambia for Reebok and Specsavers.


A centre of excellence for the retail of the best high quality Zambian Made Food, Arts and Craft. Training and developing skills: crafting and business for entrepreneurs wanting to establish their own businesses and providing a retail outlet for selling.


A leading local telecommunications brand that has grown to be one of the biggest distributors for MTN Zambia, particularly in Lusaka and are gaining ground for other telecommunications brands in Zambia such as Airtel and Zamtel. Providing various services such as mobile money on all 3 platforms to distributing airtime and selling phones and gadgets.

Digi Homes and Corporations

Digi Homes and Corporations offers a wide selection of electronic products including air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, water dispensers, microwave ovens and TVs.


The company also provides installation and maintenance of air conditioners. Their dedicated team ensures you find the perfect appliances for your home or business.


Brands supplied include LG, Samsung, Hisense, Micromax, Sharp, Defy, Capri, Midea, Vestar and SPJ.


With over 500 stores and over 20 million loyal shoppers across the continent, the Shoprite group continues to provide communities with a variety of food products, household goods, home appliances and value added services at the lowest possible prices.

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